PALERMO, ITALY / JUNE 14-16, 2022
The 21st IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference
The 21st IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference
PALERMO, ITALY / JUNE 14-16, 2022

Honorary Chair

Antonio Luque, IEEE R8 Director

General Chairs

Guido Ala, University of Palermo
Sergio Rapuano, IEEE Italy Section Chair
Tiziana Tambosso, IEEE R8 CoCSC Representative

Steering Committee Chairs

Bernardo Tellini, IEEE Italy Section Past-Chair
Ermanno Cardelli, IEEE Italy Section National Association Liaison Committee Coordinator

National Research Associations

Riccardo Leonardi, Research Association GTTI
Ermanno Cardelli, Research Association ET
Paolo Carbone, Research Association GMEE
Alfonso Damiano, Research Association CMAEL
Emilio Ferrari, Research Association AIDI
Nicola Paone, Research Association GMMT
Giuseppe Mazzarella, Research Association SIEM
Dario Zaninelli, Research Association GUSEE
Paolo Atzeni , Research Association GII
Giovanni Ghione, Research Association SIE
Sauro Longhi, Research Association SIDRA

International Steering Committee

Maddalena Salazar Palma, Past-Director Region 8
Vincenzo Piuri, Director-Elect Region 8
Habib Kammoun, R8 CoCSC Chair
Mona Gassemian, UK&Ireland Session Chair
Shmuel Auster, Israel Section Chair
Chiara Boccaletti, IAS Meeting Department Chair
EMBS Representative
Mohammed El Mohajir, MELECON 2018 General Chair

Technical Program Committee Chair

Gianfranco Chicco, IEEE Italy Section Vice-Chair

Technical Program Committee co-Chair

Daniela Proto, IEEE Italy Section Conference Committee Coordinator

Publication Chairs

Pietro Romano, University of Palermo
Gaetano Zizzo, University of Palermo

Professional Activities

Stefano Massucco, IEEE Italy Section Professional Activity Committee Coordinator
Federica Battisti, IEEE Italy Section YP-AG Chair

Publicity Chairs

Stefano Ferrari, Italy Section Membership Development Committee Coordinator
Salvatore Favuzza, Elisa Francomano, Vincenzo Di Dio, University of

Special Meeting and Exhibition for “Innovative Start up and Entrepreneurship”

Tiziana Tambosso,IEEE Italy Section Entrepreneurship Committee Coordinator 
Vincenzo Piuri, IEEE R8 Director-Elect
Marios Antoniou, IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee

Women In Engineering Event

Dajana Cassioli, IEEE Italy Section WIE-AG Chair
Patrizia Lamberti, IEEE Italy Section WIE-AG Vice-Chair
R8 WIE SC Representative

Student and Young Professional Events

Paolo Maresca, IEEE Italy Section SAC Coordinator
Federica Battisti, IEEE Italy Section YP-AG Chair
Gaetano Zizzo, University of Palermo
R8 SAC Representative
R8 YP SC Representative

Special Meeting with Industry

Dario Petri, Italy Section Industry Relation Committee Coordinator
John Matogo, R8 Action for Industry Chair

Tutorial Chair

Rossano Musca, University of Palermo


Pisana Placidi, IEEE Italy Section Treasurer, University of Perugia

Local Organizing Committee

Guido Ala, Gaetano Zizzo, Salvatore Favuzza, Fabio Viola, Giuseppe Rizzo, Pietro Romano, Antonino Imburgia, Giuseppe Schettino


Fabio Viola, University of Palermo


Gianluca Mazzilli, Athena srl